Thursday, April 26, 2007

Some more rails, & something a little odd...

Wasn't feeling that swift this morning, so I figured I'd take the time to add more to this thing.

This first shot is NS 25A southbound at the East End of Kingston Siding, taken April 6th. Where I'm standing is approximately where Kingsland Tower once stood, guarding the crossing of the EL (Erie) with the N&W (NKP).

These next shots are some artsy types that I took while on my drives home from a day of railfanning. The first is a shot of signal 50N on the NS Marion Branch from September 18th, 2006. I wanted to take advantage of what was left of the sunset as a background.

The next is a shot of the NKP bracket mast signal protecting the westbound entrance to Dawkins Siding, just east of New Haven, IN, on April 21, 2006. It was a shot I had been wanting to get, as the NKP-style signals have been falling fairly quickly on the Fostoria District. This one has already been marked with a "Do Not Climb" sign, meaning that it will probably fall the next time a component breaks down.

And now for the oddity...

I was driving south along a country road whose name escapes me at this time, just east of Liberty Center. I was trying to check out the Wabash Central running west from Bluffton out to Warren. As I crossed the road, I noticed something sitting in the gauge about 200 feet from the grade crossing. Imagine my surprise when I parked the car & got out to get a decent look at what it was....


Anonymous William E. Tidler Jr. said...

"Do Not Climb" signs on NS (NKP) signals such as at Dawkins IN DO NOT mean that the signal is likely to fall down the next time a component fails. It simply means that a man may not climb it usually due to a faulty ladder or platform( read: unsafe). These signals are in regular main line service on the Fostoria District.

Bill Tidler-NS Lead Signalman

April 28, 2007 at 8:48 PM  
Blogger Caylorman said...

Thanks, Bill. I understand that it won't fall down when a component fails, I was speaking metaphorically. But, you have to admit, its chances of survival will be greatly decreased due to requiring a bucket truck or some other means of repairing the signal other than by use of the ladder. I just drove the Fostoria District today from New Haven out to Latty, and noticed both the signals at Casad and one other place (the location escapse me at the moment) have new signal installation bagged & ready to be cut in. Latty has has both ends of the siding replaced, as well as some of the intermediates west of there. NKP signals are in regular service on the Fostoria District, it's just a question of how long now.

April 28, 2007 at 9:23 PM  
Anonymous William E. Tidler Jr. said...

I'm aware of the new signals on the Fostoria Dist. as I helped put many of them in. However, you will also note that many old signals are still in use and are not due to be replaced any time soon. The question of how long may well be answered in a good number of years. The NS seldom does a complete signal upgrade and signal appliances that have been in use since the 1940s may well be in use for MANY years to come. I am still an active Construction Gang Signalman and after 30+ years I know well that the NS does not spend money on anything unless they just have to.

April 30, 2007 at 6:06 PM  

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